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Name & Group potential investors

Now that you have “found the money” on paper/in your Network Estimate, transform the Network Estimate into two contact lists to create two tiers of investors as shown in the illustrations below.

Enter your large dollar investors into the sheet titled “Investor Contact list.” Enter broader audience contacts into the, “Network Contact list” sheet.
Separate lists will make it easier to manage two different contact approaches.

Large dollar investors will either be close contacts or aspirational
relationships requiring a high-touch sales approach. The Investor Contact list will track more detailed information to help keep your communications very personalized. Notes of phone calls, meetings, presentations, and reference relationships will be vital.

p56 Network Estimate table

p57 Investor Contact list

p57 Network Contact list

To reach your wider audience, or “Network” contacts, your communications strategy will likely be mostly digital. The Network Contact list will serve as the master list for social media, and email marketing efforts. Ideally, your Network Contact list will connect with various online applications that will help you automate things like sending emails, gathering new network contacts, creating landing pages, tracking results, and social media posts. 

These linked Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are your marketing technology stack. Your business may already have this in place. If so, great!

If not, check out the Digital Marketing section later in this book. You’ll find a more detailed discussion of tech stack tools and the advantages they offer.

As an introduction to the level of marketing automation you will probably need to run your campaign, we’re mentioning that there are tools that offer preset or custom investor acquistion journeys. These applications enable
automated responses based on time or prospective investor actions.
Sometimes called drip or nurture campaign tools, this type of automation can make the investor experience more personalized and convenient. 

Examples of SaaS apps dedicated to this purpose: Get Response, ActiveCampaign, AutoPilot, and HubSpot.

Because automation has become an expected feature, MailChimp, ConvertKit, and even AgileCRM have some variation of it.

A sample investor acquisition journey is shown below.

p59 Investor Journey


Decide how you will manage information used to acquire potential investors. Consider the various communication channels you will use to reach your crowd. Also consider the workflows/tools needed and how you will track results. 

If you are starting your marketing tech stack from scratch, consider apps/services like MailChimp, or ConvertKit. 

Ready to go to the next level? 

Check out the Tech Stack section under Digital Marketing and start setting up your accounts. Next, clean and upload your data. 

Looking for additional steps?

Follow along with Steve as he sets up his example in the Digital Campaign Basics section.

Notify Supporters 


Alert your potential investors that they should create an account on the Silicon Prairie Portal. We’ll provide you with a unique URL to share. Your investors will need to connect their bank or self-directed IRA account to your campaign. This requires a transaction verification process and can take up to a week to complete. 


To make this process easier, use the
supplied text instructions to get your
supporters ready to invest in your campaign. 

See: supplemental files –>  document titled, “Account Setup Email Example.”
Need more ideas? Let’s talk.

Subject: BBB / Burning Brothers Brewing / Pledge your support

Dear __Name__First___,

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Burning Brothers Brewing!

Take the next step by making an investment pledge. The process is simple, and you’ll be guided once you begin. Start by creating an account using the link below. We’re excited about the prospect of [vision of success] which as a Burning Brothers supporter, you will help make it possible. Let’s do this together!


Burning Brothers Brewing  

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